All posts for the day April 26th, 2015

I’ve never really been interested in the Raspberry Pi due to its single processor and limited amount of memory. I never really understood the attraction to such a tiny device with limited processing speeds and use. I mean it is a fascinating device that has endless possibilities from running a small hydroponic farm to controlling small motors or setting up led lights with a bread board, if you can think of it electronically you could probably power your project with a Pi. Then I read an article from the Raspberry Pi foundation, the Pi2 had arrived, and I thought to myself what is that? Well here is what a Raspberry Pi 2 has on its board:

– 4usb ports
-HDMI output
-3.5 audio jack which has Composite Video capabilities
-40 GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) pins
-Quad Core Processor (ARM Cortex-A7 CPU)

Needless to say, I was impressed but I still didn’t purchase one and I kept telling my wife “I’m getting one, I’m going to buy one of these things and do something with it” still didnt happen…. Well last week I was in Miniapolis visiting family and I stopped at MicroCenter which is an amazing place for all things computers!!! I proceeded to purchase a Raspberry Pi 2.

I got a small kit it was about 44 dollars or something of that sort, it came with a Pi2, A case and some stickers! Very cool! I also added in a 32 gig micro SD card for the Operating system. Things to note, the system does not come with a charger or a SD card you have to purchase ANY peripherals on your own! However if your like me, you have everything laying around in your own technology grave yard.

First impressions running Raspian, pretty cool. I would not use this as a normal desktop computer that is for sure. Its way too slow even fully over clocked its too slow for any normal desktop activity. However I found an image called RetroPie which features the Raspbian OS as a background OS but the frontend of EmulationStation. Its very cool!

So I’m ending this post with a declaration of my next project! I have decided to make a Retro gaming station out of this Pi and a dead Play Station 2! This is the first Pi project of many to come! The plan is to gut the PS2 and mount the Pi with other fun things inside the PS2. Stay tuned for more posts on this in the near future!