mac g5 case mod

Just a quick update, made some progress. Picture speaks for itself, its not 100% complete but pretty much. I’ll be moving onto part 3 which will be the motherboard tray, need to cut a section for the CD drive mount  to fit in the case. I think ill use a few of those risers that were already in the Mac case, mount it to the motherboard tray and JB weld them to the inside of the case. Ill do some more research before i do that though. After i figure out how the mobo is going to be mounted, it will be time to get artistic and paint this bad boy. I’ve decided to pain the entire case in sections, the middle section i have plans for but ill save that for another post.



I am putting parts 2.2 and 2.3 together because I haven’t made a post since last Thursday. I re-measured the back panel and cut it out using a Dremel and Reinforced cutting wheel. I also cut out the hole where the motherboard tray will meet the back panel. However It did not go quite as planned…. I think it’s still pretty good for a guy who has no idea what he is doing with power tools, but the idea was to have that fixture go INSIDE the conveniently cut hole, not underneath the panel. Needless to say I have some more grinding to do, I’ll get it in there.



I got a little disappointed in myself due to my imperfections in cutting with a Dremel tool, I decided to work on the top two holes of the case itself. The 120mm fan holes, I am quite shocked with my results! They came out pretty good for a beginner!



Here is the new schematic for the back panel fan slots. I went with an octagon shape for what I feel will be better airflow for 80mm fans. Lets see if I can do a better job on these now that I have had more practice using a Dremel and cutting wheel.



I followed this guys techniques and tutorial guide for the fan holes. My brother showed me how to do the rest. Of course I did all the actual cutting:

Today I cut the back end out and started the blueprint out for the new backend to be riveted into place. My lines were not straight enough, I am going to purchase a Combination Ruler tomorrow to help make the lines more exact and cut them out.




Sorry if you cant see my pencil markings. I am redoing the second image anyway. Next will be to cut out that blueprint I made, my brother and I have plans to do so tomorrow.

Thus the adventure begins with an empty shell of what was once filled with an abundance of old dead Apple parts and unnecessary plastic.



Soon it will be brought back to life with some new modifications and computer components. So here’s the plan so far:

Two 120mm fans mounted in the front, two mounted on top.


Picture depicts a rough draft of what I would like to do on the top. I’ll make a more accurate measurement before actually cutting but you get the idea.

A new motherboard tray will have to be installed in order to mount new hardware inside the case. There are two  connfigurations to choose from.


Both trays were taken from other dead computer cases. Recycle!

In order to mount the rear bracket for the new motherboard tray, this cases butt is going to have to get cut out.


More pictures and updates to come very soon.